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Let’s Make People Uncomfortable:

Let's Make People Uncomfortable - a DisruptHR talk by Kelly Poulson
DisruptHR Philadelphia 2.0 - November 3, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA #DisruptHRPHL



5 Tricks to Submitting a Creative Resume That Gets Hiring Managers' Attention:

I’ve got news for you: Going through traditional applications gets old for hiring managers, too.

So, in an attempt to make the experience a little more engaging—for me and for the applicants—I recently led a hiring process where I asked candidates to create a Tumblrshowing us why they’d be the best person for the job. The job being our company’s apprenticeship—which is essentially a six-month immersion into ad agency life where the selected candidate rotates through various departments and is mentored by senior team members.

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How To Make the Best of a Job You Hate:

That’s it. You have to face it. You have come to the realization that you’re not into your job. Now what? The long and oftentimes stressful process of the job hunt? No one looks forward to that. But what if you aren’t super enthused about your specific role but dig your company? There has to be a way to fix that.

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Millennial Career Women Unite! 4 Tricks to Build an Epic Girlsquad:

Fact: growing up means picking friends who will help with your career path (not hinder it).

Today we’re embracing an Instagram cliché to talk about #squadgoals. But fear not, we won’t be covering supermodels or Taylor Swift. Because while we talk about those women often, we don’t put nearly as much thought into those we spend our daylight hours with: our coworkers, clients, and managers. We are women in the workplace, and it's time to start talking about who we're working with.

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