Kelly Poulson.

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Change is possible. Do the work. 

Here’s the thing. People spend most of their lives at work. Often feeling stuck, frustrated and stressed out. They don’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing or what impact it has. And all of that leaves them feeling drained. And their employers don’t get why the biz isn’t booming. Or why people are leaving. Most of us want to stop this insanity but are stuck on where to begin. It starts with remembering that we’re human. I work with businesses (& the human beings they employ) who are looking to change the game and define success not only by the numbers but by developing and enhancing lives.


Work doesn’t have to be a four letter word.

In need of inspiration? Look no further. 



  • I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, some encouragement, a mentor, a therapist, but over the next six months Kelly became all those things, plus so much more. I left our first meeting with a clear head and feeling that a weight had been lifted. Since then Kelly has been by my side through a job change, a health scare, and the recent launch of my own business. She has become a sounding board, a voice of reason, an unbiased opinion, a friend. She has challenged me to think differently. She has talked me off the ledge more than once. She’s lifted me up in an industry that at times can be very thankless and depleting. She has helped reinstate my confidence in my abilities, skills & experience, and pushed me to pursue new opportunities to challenge myself both personally and professionally, all the while cheering me on. I would highly recommend seeking her out as a coach. You will gain so much more than that. I know I did.
    Emily M, Talent Acquisition/HR Professional - 2017
  • Kelly was the first person to give me what I really needed: permission to take charge of my fate, to let go of my misery and to move on to the future I secretly wanted but didn’t believe I could have. I credit her for seeing me, hearing me, and helping me break free. I credit her for helping me discover and take the tangible (yet admittedly scary) steps to do what I really wanted. And I will always thank her for her patience and unrelenting support during the time it took me to push through my fear and self-doubt. I personally believe that Kelly’s coaching skills border on sorcery. She never tells you what to do. She listens to what you are and aren’t saying, and asks very effective questions that somehow magically guide you to figure out where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. I can’t count of all the “ah ha!” moments talking with her produced for me. She is compassionate and non-judgemental, while always maintaining the realistic, tough love approach one requires in order to get his/her ass moving in the right direction.
    Abby M, Brand Strategist - 2017
  • Kelly is a gift to career changers, business owners, and anyone who wants to figure out what they're passionate about and start doing whatever that is as much of the time as possible. I approached Kelly about coaching because I felt stuck in a career that I didn't enjoy, and I had some very limiting beliefs about what was possible in my life. Kelly gave me the framework to experiment and explore new avenues, and the tools to recognize and defang automatic thoughts that kept me from taking healthy risks and building the life I wanted. When it comes to working with Kelly, personally I would make do with any lifestyle downgrading I needed to, to be able to work with her. I would stop shopping at Whole Foods or wouldn’t take a vacation. Kelly is worth her weight in gold.
    Liz F, Entrepreneur - 2018
  • I came to Kelly with the problem of having too many goals, which overwhelmed and ultimately prevented me from accomplishing anything. With Kelly's help, we've created realistic timelines and priorities so I've been able to stay on track and actually see my thoughts come to fruition. In addition to providing the guidance I so desperately needed, Kelly is one of those rare people to whom you feel you can spill your soul. She listens deeply and is dedicated to helping you be the best you can — no matter how you feel in the moment. Kelly also has a way of reminding you that you do indeed rock and are worthwhile, without being too pushy. Kelly is such a badass, in the sweetest possible way. I'm so honored to have her as a mentor and a dream manager. Thank you!
    Meg L, Digital Copywriter - 2015
  • Kelly has helped me realize I can really (really) write. Like, for real. In real life, about real life. She's helped me find my actual voice and set me on a path towards writing a book, and towards finding blogs to pitch with stories about my own personal mishigos. She keeps me on track, sets goals, and finds ways to push me forward, without being pushy about pushing me forward. She's an ambassador, a coach, a therapist, a teacher and a mentor. And most importantly, she's become a true friend through all of this. I recommend partnering with her for coaching and letting her help you explore...and discover....what you can do, together.
    Jen G, Entrepreneur - 2015