Kelly Poulson.

Unlock your awesome.

Coach. Dream Chaser.
Ass Kicker.


You can.
End of story.

Here's the deal. Life is too damn short to spend it feeling stuck. Or frustrated. Or focused on doing what you “should” do. Getting beyond these feelings takes work and guts but it’s well worth it. Having a partner in crime to help you navigate these waters makes it less daunting and quite frankly, gets you to your destination quicker. I work with people (and the businesses that employ them) who are looking to kick ass in their organizations and beyond. People who are feeling lost and want a guide to help find and do work that matters to them while having enough energy leftover to enjoy life.


Comfort zones are overrated.

In need of inspiration? Look no further. 


"Kelly is a gift to career changers, business owners, and anyone who wants to figure out what they're passionate about and start doing whatever that is as much of the time as possible. I approached Kelly about coaching because I felt stuck in a career that I didn't enjoy, and I had some very limiting beliefs about what was possible in my life. Kelly gave me the framework to experiment and explore new avenues, and the tools to recognize and defang automatic thoughts that kept me from taking healthy risks and building the life I wanted.  Working with Kelly was transformative: for years I had felt like I needed someone to sign a permission slip for me to be able to go after my goals. Kelly empowered me to sign my own permission slip... and build a business that has me springing out of bed in the morning and serving others in a way that's meaningful and empowering to me (and my clients!)."

Liz Funk, Entrepreneur – 2017