Your People are Your Business

And let’s be real, it takes work to create the right environment for employees to grow while simultaneously growing your business. There’s no one way to be a leader. Managing people is not easy and it’s not an innate skill that we’re all born with. That’s ok! What isn’t ok is ignoring the work it takes to get better. Because growth is possible. We need to dedicate time and energy to learn because if you half ass it, they’ll notice. But they’ll also notice when you put in the effort to improve.

I’ve worked with organizations in a variety of ways to help improve employee experience and engagement. Scope out some of my favorites here.

Learning & Development:

If people aren’t learning, they aren’t growing. And if they’re not growing, they’re not staying. Organizations who invest in their people not only help them advance in their careers but also contribute in a more meaningful way to their company. I’ve developed and delivered content for a variety of audiences and experience levels from executive retreats to lunch & learns or individual sessions .

Topics include but aren’t limited to:

Leadership Essentials - Building Trust, Effective Communication

Navigating People - Emotional Intelligence, Values, Mindset

Coaching & Development - Motivation, Coaching

Challenging Conversations - Delegation, Feedback

Career Navigation - How to build your own path

Leadership Coaching.

Without strong leaders, organizations struggle and miss out on growth opportunities. They also lose amazing talent who want to evolve and feel they have no support in doing so. Businesses who invest in the future of their leaders will succeed. It’s that simple.

I’ve worked with individuals to:

Establish leadership presence. A.k.a. Learn to behave like leaders

Not only define but deliver on emotional intelligence

Build teams that get results

This process includes (12) 50 minute sessions over the course of six months, unlimited email access as well as the option to include Energy Leadership Index and 360 assessments.

Dream Navigator.

Businesses don’t realize there’s a strong connection between the dreams we chase personally and the way we engage at work. The more overwhelmed and stressed people  are at the office, the less likely they are to have the energy to make progress on personal goals. And that lack of progress can negatively impact how they show up during the day. Imagine what it would be like if your company provided the support that they needed to achieve those dreams and goals. Employees would be happier and more engaged at work because they feel accomplished and fulfilled outside of it. Enter Dream Navigator, where I help employees achieve their personal dreams and goals outside of work, no matter how big or small, while at work. I’ve built and launched this program at multiple organizations with great success and have seen firsthand how it impacts engagement, aids in talent acquisition and provides insight into many other organizational challenges.

This program is tailored to be most effective within your business. Options include:

  • Launch pilot and ongoing program management consisting of 2 (50) minute sessions per participant each month with Kelly
    (or one of her coaching partners!)

  • Consultation and ongoing coaching and support to build and launch your own internal Dream Navigator initiative.

Curious to hear more? The results are in. Check out highlights from a recent Dream Navigator survey of over 100 participants.

  • 100% would suggest Dream Navigator as a meaningful benefit to their employer

  • 95% of participants stated that being in the program helped them grow as an employee and impacted their engagement in their role

  • 93% of people said making progress on personal goals impacted their work performance positively

  • 95% said that participating in the Dream Navigator program impacted their overall happiness



Each team is a little different. I work with you to tailor programs to meet the group’s needs. Fear not, there will be no trust falls. Intrigued? Reach out!

  • Having engaged employees is crucial for any business. So any opportunity that supports employee growth and development is always a priority for me as a CEO. Working with Kelly to offer Dream Navigator not only helped increase employee engagement but validated our agency’s commitment to supporting our employees and helping them grow, both inside and outside office walls. It was so rewarding to see people achieve their personal dreams, all while providing valuable insight into where to focus our efforts for future learning and development. A true testament to the value of morale and the power of coaching. Dream Navigator was an invaluable talent acquisition tool here at A&G.
    Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen
  • 20% of our population were in management roles without anyone ever really talking to them about what that meant. I brought Kelly in to invite them to think deeply about the opportunities they had in front of them. She was such a gift, and boy did they agree. She touched on everything from feedback to communication styles. Introducing her to the group was validating and uplifting to our employees. We all look forward to the next chance to work with her again.
    Emily M, Sr. Director of People, Skill Survey
  • Kelly partnered with our company to enhance our leadership development efforts by offering a thought provoking program for first level managers. Her crash course challenged our leaders to think outside the box and engage their teams with personality, clear communication and expectations, as well as consistency. Kelly was awesome to work with and incredibly flexible. We look forward to working with her for future leadership development needs.
    Jessica F, HR Specialist/Corporate Trainer, Printfly
  • Because we are a remote culture, twice a year my company holds a week-long event where we plan a week of fun and team building activities that sometimes have an educational component to them. I asked Kelly to be a presenter on Creative Career Advancement. She talked to my team, who is relatively young, about how to take onus for one's own career path and how to make those aspirations happen for themselves without having to wait around for "management" to create said opportunities. The team really seemed to embrace the ideas of setting and reaching career goals for themselves and I thank Kelly for that. Kelly's presence and way of capturing an audience were so dynamic that we have spoken about bringing her back for future events to talk about other topics such as Active Listening.
    Jessica L, Director of People & Culture, Square 2