Dreams Impact Employee Engagement

Let’s face it. More than half of the U.S. workforce is not engaged and disengaged employees cost organizations money. And that puts your business at risk. People might be one foot out the door, or worse, staying with no interest in doing the job they’re in. That’s not a win for anyone.

Organizations with the best of intentions looking to solve for engagement and turnover challenges aren’t necessarily certain where to turn. Enter Dream Navigator. I’ve built and launched this program at multiple organizations with great success and have seen firsthand how it impacts engagement, aids in talent acquisition and provides insight into other organizational challenges.

Dream Navigator:


Your employees are human beings. People with dreams and goals outside of the workplace that are important to them. What most businesses don’t realize is that there’s a strong connection between the dreams we chase personally and the way we engage at work. The more overwhelmed and stressed they are at the office, the less likely they are to have the energy at the end of the day to make progress on goals. And that lack of progress is negatively impacting how they show up during the day. Imagine what it would be like if your company provided the support that they needed to achieve those dreams and goals. Employees would be happier and more engaged at work because they feel accomplished and fulfilled outside of it. Employees enrolled in this program receive coaching to help them achieve their personal dreams and goals outside of work, no matter how big or small, while at work.

The WHO:

This program is ideal for those employees at the top of their game who are starting to feel stuck and open to possibilities at other organizations. It’s an investment in the happiness and progress of those individuals who are crucial to the future success of your business.

The HOW:

This program is tailored to be most effective within your business. Options include:

  • Launch pilot and ongoing program management consisting of 2 (50) minute sessions per participant each month with Kelly
    (or one of her coaching partners!)

  • Consultation and ongoing coaching and support to build and launch your own internal Dream Navigator initiative.


Curious to hear more? The results are in. Check out highlights from a recent Dream Navigator survey of over 100 participants.

  • 100% would suggest Dream Navigator as a meaningful benefit to their employer

  • 95% of participants stated that being in the program helped them grow as an employee and impacted their engagement in their role

  • 93% of people said making progress on personal goals impacted their work performance positively

  • 95% said that participating in the Dream Navigator program impacted their overall happiness


This program is at its best in progressive organizations that want to invest in their people. Because those businesses understand if you invest in employees, they’ll invest in you.



Dreams might not be right for every business and I get that. It just so happens that Learning & Development and HR Consulting are also in my bag of tricks. Intrigued? Reach out!

Having engaged employees is crucial for any business. So any opportunity that supports employee growth and development is always a priority for me as a CEO. Working with Kelly to offer Dream Navigator not only helped increase employee engagement but validated our agency’s commitment to supporting our employees and helping them grow, both inside and outside office walls. It was so rewarding to see people achieve their personal dreams, all while providing valuable insight into where to focus our efforts for future learning and development. A true testament to the value of morale and the power of coaching. Dream Navigator was an invaluable talent acquisition tool here at A&G.
— Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen